Happy Full Moon Libra!

It is the time of the full moon in Libra, and what an amazing time it is! This is the perfect time to cultivate balance and harmony within ourselves during this crucial time of transition. Planet wide, there is a lot that is occurring that is polarizing a lot of sectors of society, but we don’t have to buy the hype. How can we keep our energy clear of this? The answer to this is easy: We can find the harmony, peace, and balance within ourselves. After all, “as within, so without.” Sometimes I catch flack from friends because I really don’t have a clue what’s going on in society, and I am okay with that because that’s not my focus. Granted, sometimes that works against me, but you know what? That’s a price I would gladly pay time and again if it means keeping my energy clear of divisive tactics and ignorant people. This full moon is particularly powerful for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is that this is the point where we can internally say “no, I’m not drinking the kool-aid. This is my life and my mind, and I will do with it what I choose.” Collectively, we as a species can make the energetic statement that enough is enough! How do we do this on a practical level, though? That takes a little more explanation and work. The first thing we can do is be mindful of what we allow into our personal space. In other words, garbage in equals garbage out. If we submit ourselves to garbage that comes our way through various programming channels, then we spew garbage. However, if we are careful about what we allow in, then we are careful of what we share with others. Another way that we can do this is to realize that we live in a polarity based existence, but once you drop physical form, there is no polarity. Therefore we can transcend the polarity by mentally rising above it, and putting this into daily action. I do realize it is easier said than done, but as the saying goes, nothing worth having is ever easy.

So at this time of balancing the self vs the other, how do you respond? The true quester knows to put the self first, but how do we treat the other in balance with that idea? This is a subjective answer, but rest assured, it can be done. All it takes is mindfulness, discipline, and hard work; all of which are traits of the signs involved in this full moon.


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