Happy Full Moon Leo!


This is the full moon in Leo, and in esoteric astrology, this is the full moon that is all about the solar self. In esoteric astrology, Leo is ruled by the Sun on all three levels: exoteric, esoteric, and hierarchical. It is the pivotal point at which everything revolves around. The placement of Leo in a chart tells us where we shine our brightest, but also where we have the potential to exhibit our solar selves. This is the part of us that shines the brightest, as well as where we can develop the brightest aspects of ourselves during this incarnation.

Does this limit our solar experience? No, it does not. We can develop the brightest parts of ourselves in any area of life, and this is the testament to the central axis that is our Sun. Where the actual Sun is in our chart gives us insight into how the energy may manifest. For example, if you are a Aries, then the Sun manifests aggressively through life. However, this is not the case when it comes to other signs. Only by knowing the correspondences of our Sun sign can we gain insight into how the energy manifests in day to day life.

This is a time to look at how we shine our brightest individually, as well as where we shine our brightest collectively. Aquarius is the energy of the collective, and because of this, we can let our emotions and our personality self shine the brightest within society.

No matter your views on society, one thing is certain, and that is that currently society is going through heavy changes. By knowing how and what we contribute, we can enhance the experience beyond those that don’t seek this interaction. We are moving into the Age of Aquarius, and because of this, we are, in effect, tapping into the zeitgeist of the era.

Part of the energy of Aquarius is in the art of giving back. This is a time to recognize where we have something to contribute in order to express our gratitude. This is a time to show our thanks for what has been wrought unto us, due to the seeds that we planted.

I invite everyone to not only be thankful for what has been created, but also to look at the interaction each one of us has with the macrocosm, and the whole, for each one of us is a drop in the ocean of the species, and by recognizing what we have to offer, we increase our awareness of how the ocean is colored by our individual constitutions.



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