Happy Full Moon Gemini/Lunar Eclipse!


This full moon is one of the most potent ones of the year. I realize that I also said that about the most recent new moon, which is also true, and the reason both can be true is that eclipses happen in pairs, and this is the second one of the set. This morning, there was a lunar eclipse with the sun being in Gemini and the moon being in Sagittarius. In esoteric astrology, this is known as the festival of humanity, which is a wonderful time to honor the positive things that the species of human have accomplished. This is a festival that takes place in Shamballah; the seat of planetary governance. Thus, not only is this the time to honor what humanity has created that is good, but also an excellent time to contact ascended masters, and beings that have foregone ascension in the name of service to the planet. Whether you know them by the name of the Hierarchy or the Great White Lodge, or the A.A., what is emphasized here is that this is the time to contact these beings in the name of the Great Work, and of being of service to our fellow humans. But enough about this. After all, if you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you already know this. Let’s move on to actually discussing what can be done with this energy.

Today the Sun is in Gemini. The animal that is associated with Gemini is the human twins. Thus it is one of the human signs in the zodiac. It’s approaches are more humanistic than animalistic, and thus the mind is emphasized. This is the energy of the curious, and the communicative. This is the sign of those that seek to know through communication, no matter the subject. Strong Gemini energy correlates to varied interests, and bouncing from one subject to another to learn, to synthesize, and to grow. It is an air sign, thus emphasizing the intellect.

While the sun is in Gemini, the moon is in the opposite sign of Sagittarius. Sagittarius is a fire sign, and thus is activity made incarnate. While Gemini is curious, so, too, is Sagittarius. However, Sagittarius is singular in its vision and work. Sagittarius is not a sign that is as scattered as Gemini, and that is no insult to Gemini. Sagittarius is a sign of one sighted vision, focus, and strategy. While Gemini has scattered interests, Sagittarius generally has a refined point that is being worked towards. Sagittarius understands the need to focus, and can do so, if necessary. This is something that a lot of Geminis struggle with. Sagittarius is also the sign of the truth speaker, and let’s face facts: not everyone likes that, because not everyone can handle the truth being told to them. I realize of course that the truth is subjective, and thus it is worth mentioning here that the truth the mature Sagittarian speaks of can usually be seen as objective truth, not subjective, lower personality interpretation.

I would also like to take a moment to talk about the fire sign of Sagittarius. Sure, it is athletics, physically active, and generally explorative, much like Gemini. However, there is another raw, primal, potent fire that Sagittarius works with, and that is the fire of divinity. That is the fire of bringing the divine fire down from the heavens into being in the physical world. In a lot of ways, it is the fire that Prometheus deals with. This metaphor is one of the best to understand the nature of what mature Sagittarians deal with. They are not necessarily interested in the ramifications, which can be both good and bad. They are the bringers of the holy light, the sacred flame.

During this full moon, it is wise to not only see where this eclipse falls in the chart to see what kind of life areas may be impacted, as well as the aspects that will display the rollout of the energy, but it is also wise to take a good hard look at the self, and look for answers for the following questions, to name but a few that can be asked:

1. Where are we being honest with ourselves, and with others?

2. Where do we have focus, goals, and singularity of vision?

3. Where do we like to explore, and what brings us adventure?

And on the Gemini end:

1. Where are we curious?

2. What do we choose to learn more about, and what do we do with the information?

3. Where can we see multiple sides of a situation or a subject?

Because it’s an eclipse, I will also go ahead and give the generic disclaimer. In these times, with the human population as large as it is, this is a wise thing to address. No sign is better than the rest. Every sign has two sides to it: a developed mature side, and an immature, ego driven side.

All of this is wise to address because tomorrow and the next day we have a transit of Venus across the sun, astronomically speaking, and thus if no inner reflection is done, proper preparations of this transit may not be put into place, and thus a wonderful opportunity of manifesting beauty, love, money, and solar growth may be missed. I encourage everyone to take today to reflect, and then to prepare for the upcoming few days.

Having said that, I will be spending the latter part of this week presenting at the pan-Thelemic festival Babalon Rising, among with many other wonderful presenters, with a weekend exclamation mark of presenting at the Pagan Picnic in St Louis MO on Saturday. At Babalon Rising, the presentations will cover Ancient Egyptian Astrology, and the Esoteric Initiations During this Lifetime, and at Pagan Picnic, the presentations will be on Retrograde Planets, your Personal Portrait, and What to Look for When Choosing a Magical Mentor. I look forward to seeing everyone there, and I send blessings of success on endeavors that are undertaken during this lifetime.



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