Happy Full Moon Gemini!

Today we have the full moon in Gemini, with the Sun in Gemini and the Moon in Sagittarius. What makes this full moon different from a lot of them is that we also have Jupiter going direct today. In astrology, Jupiter is the planet associated with beneficence, expansion, prosperity, teaching, and blessings of good fortune. This is the planet that corresponds to rulership, philosophy, and spirituality, as opposed to religion. Typically this is the full moon that is the festival of humanity in esoterica, and thus is an excellent time to celebrate the accomplishments of the species.

However, this full moon may bring with it some interesting energy, but as we’ve been discussing for the last couple of months, this is simply the next part of the build up to the eclipses in August. While Jupiter is playing an important role during this full moon, another planet, quite the converse of Jupiter, is playing a large role, too, and that is the planet Saturn. Today, Saturn is conjunct the moon, which means that blowing your fears out of proportion may be way too common, or that you have over the top reactions to emotional situations that have triggers from the past, so it is wise to remember to control your emotions and don’t let them control you.

But wait a moment, what about the Jupiter part we just discussed? How does all of this tie together? These are good questions because the astrological situation we have is slightly complex, so I will break it down to the key principles so you can work with things as they come up. Yes, over the top emotional reactions to things are common, as are reacting poorly to your triggers when they are hit, but yes, Jupiter is moving direct, too, and while a generic interpretation of this would mean good fortune conflicts with emotions, it is a little more detailed. Whenever a planet moves direct in astrology, there is often times a period during which the energy associated with that planet is funky or in other ways off, until things settle down. Hence, what you get during this full moon is a kind of interplay that results in good things being off kilter at the moment, and a stern lesson from the cosmos of how powerful you mind truly is. You may find at this time that if something doesn’t go the way you want it to, it negatively colors your emotions, which ruins any chance you may have of capitalizing on the possibilities. In other words, this is a full moon during which you may get a reminder lesson of just how much your thoughts color your reality and have an influence on what manifests, or not, in your life.

One of the ways to work with this is to maintain that positive focus, but also to remember that you’ve got to capitalize on whatever opportunities come your way, when they come your way, even if you’re not expecting them, and if you’re emotionally out of sorts, you may miss those opportunities and they don’t come back. However, what you have to assist you with this is some gentle energy from Mars and Venus, which tells us love and important people in your life may be just what the doctor ordered to help you in taking advantage of appropriate situations. I encourage you to maintain extra control over your emotions for the next week, but also to stay mentally sharp, in full control of your triggers, so that you don’t miss out on once in a lifetime opportunities.


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