Happy Full Moon Gemini!

Early this morning, or last night, depending on where you live, we had a full moon lunar eclipse, the Sun in Gemini, and the Moon in Sagittarius. This finishes up the circuit of three eclipses that began April 25th. It is unusual to have three eclipses like this. Normally there are two, a solar and a lunar one. The fact that there’s one more this year at this time is exceptional, and let’s us know that there is more going on right now than we might be aware of, or at least more than normal.

The native American tradition gives us the name of the flower moon, or the full corn planting moon. By just the title alone, it can be deduced what the theme of this full moon is about. This is the time that flowers are planted and when they begin to bloom. This is also the time when it is wise to plant corn. Besides simply being interesting windows into distant landscapes for some, or all too real landscapes for others, these correspondences give us wonderful insight into how we can harness the energy of this full moon. This is the time for planting, but also a time during which the higher vibrations begin to arrive and to bloom. Flowers are associated with the element of air, thoughts, and the devic kingdom, so as they bloom (which is a wonderful metaphor for showing themselves), we begin to see the first blossoming of the year. However, as they bloom, plants that are of a denser vibration (vegetables, such as corn) can begin to be planted to take root. This cadence gives us a lot of insight into the fabric of consensual reality that we live in. As the higher vibrations unfold to us, the more dense projects can be planted, seeded into the soil that it will take to grow.

It is wise to apply this layered approach of thought and cycles to our individual projects for the year, and to see where things stand, and how one situation can feed another. When we thought about our upcoming projects for the year earlier this year, did we think about layers? Did we think about co-cycles? If we did, then good for us, but if we didn’t, then now is the time to consider these concentric circles and how they will work together for the upcoming year. Personally I take a Qabalistic four worlds approach, layering that way and sometimes even more, but hey, that’s just me. However you choose to implement layered cycles and projects is a wonderful experience to undertake. We can make this rhythmic cycle our own, coloring it with our own personal beliefs.

How will you make this year your own? The inspiration is arriving, unfolding, as it well, and now it’s time to look at seeding the denser seeds and projects for the upcoming year. As we realize this overlapping, more of the beauty of the rhythm of creation becomes apparent, and the more exacting and creatively can we control what we create.



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