Happy Full Moon Capricorn!


Today we have the full moon in Capricorn, which is also known as the “Wolf Moon,” and just that little snippet of insight can be useful to ring in 2018! While the Sun, Venus, Pluto and Saturn are all in Capricorn, the Moon is in her own sign of Cancer, making her extra strong. On top of this, we have the planet Uranus stationing to go direct, and all of this makes it the prime time to focus on moving ahead into the new year. The Moon in Cancer tells us the best way to approach 2018 is to listen to your intuition, take care of the home life, and enjoy the company of good friends and family.

However, that is just the lunar part of the current full moon. There is also the heavy solar part, which is heavy with Capricorn energy. This requires a closer look. Let’s start with the current Sun and Venus conjunction. This tells us it may be a time of feel good vibes in general, and there may even be some positive surprises of money coming through the workplace, too, so all in all it may be the rest the doctor ordered before moving fully ahead into the new year. The catch though, is that generally Venus is not considered in a strong place when she’s in Capricorn. The generic archetype that comes to mind here is the “Ice Queen” or “King” persona that so many adapt. This is a little trickery though, because that’s not necessarily or entirely true. Venus in Capricorn is that of the mature love, the responsible love, and on a creative bent, love later in life, after extensive work to develop it. Thus the positive attributes of Venus are rewarded after diligent work and patience. The Sun part of the conjunction tells us now is the time to become that mature, responsible person that would resonate with the blessings that Venus shares, whether it is love, creativity, money, or goddess energy.

We then add Pluto and Saturn into the formula, and wow! Pluto has been moving through Capricorn for a number of years now, and its journey is reflected in the changes in society and technology as we progress further into the 21st century. Saturn just arrived though, so it is still getting settled. I point this out because we may know that Saturn in Capricorn may be a strong placement, but we may also see that balance and justice isn’t occurring currently, and I assure you that is quite natural. After all, Saturn is new to Capricorn, so it’s going to take a while to settling into its own sign. Mars and Jupiter are together in Scorpio, which is resonating easily and well with the Capricorn activity. Jupiter is the greater benefic, Mars is the energy and the vigor, and Scorpio is the sign of intense focus, drive, business, the occult, and all things related to death. Thus as we can see, on one hand this is a great time to focus on business to move forward ready for the upcoming year. But on the other hand, this is the perfect time to make the necessary changes to facilitate your growth, as you may find that once you get started on the changes, they happen with ease.

Once Uranus finishes stationing, we will have the rest of the month focused on forward progress, and building forward momentum, since there won’t be any major planets retrograde in the sky for the rest of January! This underscores one of the lessons from esoteric astrology that should be mentioned here. In esoteric astrology, a soul is said to exit a level of development through Capricorn, and enter through Cancer. What this means for us at the moment is that we are at the almost absolute perfect point to make changes. We stand in the doorway between worlds, and my question to you is: “What direction are you looking?” Wolves focus on forward motion, after all…



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