Happy Full Moon Cancer/Solstice!


Today we have a very auspicious day in that we have a full moon on solstice for the first time in a long time, so be prepared to catch the energy as it flows through the day. Other than that rare occurrence, we are currently experiencing some other strong astrological occurrences right now that I’m sure a lot of you have noticed. Most of this has been a pressurizing aspect pattern called a T-Square. In short, this is occurring in the mutable signs of the zodiac (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces), and is all about being pressured to change. However, to make it more intense, it recently turned into a Grand Cross, and has been impacting everyone that has a lot of placements in those signs.

The lesson and the point to this is to shake things up in our individual paradigms so that we grow to the next level. There are very profound esoteric lessons here for the learning. The first one is the ancient science of alchemy. Alchemy is turning lead into gold, as many of you know, and thus when we are pressurized like we are now, a great weight is brought to bear, which includes stress, and it is up to us to adapt to it, but specifically adapt to it in a higher vibrational way for our own betterment. The challenge that comes with this is that what is affected are things that we are emotionally attached to, which leads us to point number two. The second lesson to be learned now is that, as Dr Carl Jung eloquently stated: “There is no coming to consciousness without pain.” He’s right, you know. All life begins with pain. Don’t believe me? I’ll share some scientific examples instead of beliefs, just so we share the same baseline of science rather than religious and spiritual dogma. The first example of this is when a seed begins to bloom. The first thing it does is transcend its shell, and soon after it bursts through the soil, which of course causes pain, to the seed and the soil because it took such work to get there. The soil is just its normal dormant and cute self, and then this seed rises from under it, rending it open, and the seed gets new life. This is also why not all seeds are able to achieve this: the strength to handle the conflict in order to grow. And just so we’re a little clearer, plants have been proven to have a consciousness, and even an IQ, but that’s a conversation for another time. Let’s move away from the plant kingdom though, and look at our own species. I don’t know one mother that has ever had a painless birth. All of the ones I’ve spoken to over the years experienced pain in some form or another, and the only changing factor was the amount of pain they experienced. Therefore, the lesson is clear to us that if we want to evolve to the next level of our development there will be pain, and right now the planets in the solar system are creating the conditions for us to collectively grow to the next level. What it takes to achieve this is mastery of our emotions and solidarity.

There are many reasons for this pain though, and for a lot of people they are subjective reasons. What this tells us on a practical level is that we should be mindful of others and the paths they walk and honor the path of others by being compassionate and open listeners in an attempt to understand and work together as one species so that we accomplish more than we have up to this point in recorded history. This is the time to nurture ourselves, but also to nurture those around us that could use it. Some times a helping hand is all that is needed to turn someone’s life around, and you never know when the person that could do that the best is you.

For those of you that have had it particularly rough for the last several months, the good news is that this will be lessening in July, and by early August we will quickly be moving away from this into a space that is not as intense. However, Saturn is still moving through Sagittarius, and will be for a while, so don’t be surprised if ideas focused on freedom of speech and action, political correctness, and all things related, continue to occupy the mass consciousness of the human species. We will be working with those themes for quite some time into the future, so get comfortable being uncomfortable.

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