Happy Full Moon Aries


A few minutes ago we had the full moon lunar eclipse with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Libra. On the surface, like every full moon in Aries, a major emphasis during this time is on taking care of the self and harmonizing that with relating to others. Hence boundaries and finding that balance are two important concepts to work with at this time. However, this is true every full moon in Aries, so let’s cut to the chase, shall we?

We also have a lunar eclipse today which is the second one in the first set of the year. The first one was earlier this month when we had the new moon in Pisces with a solar eclipse. Eclipses happen in pairs, and usually there’s a lesson that goes with them, that occurs between them. In this case the lesson is of things falling apart or dissipation. For example, if you got an offer around the time of the first eclipse, don’t bank on it too much because it may fall apart around the time of the second. As I’m sure you can intuit, this applies to more things than just offers. This could also apply to relationships, plans, whatever it is that came up just a few weeks ago. Let’s look at this metaphysically for a moment. The situation that came up is one that is either predicated around settling up karma or teaching a life lesson that we need to learn for growth.

We’re also in the shadow of Saturn turning retrograde, which occurs on Friday. Saturn is a slow moving planet, and it takes a few days to turn retrograde, whereas Mercury can do it in a day. Saturn will be retrograde until August 13th, and when he is retrograde, the focus and lesson is on refining our processes in the name of evolution and efficiency. However, Saturn corresponds to karma, which has an impact on the situations that are brought to us that were mentioned above. However, that also means that this week may feel like we’re moving slower than normal, or that things are more karmic in nature. Whatever the case may be, you may find situations that are karmic in nature are coming up to be addressed, and/or that situations are ending due to the fact that you’ve outgrown them.

Hence, during this time it is wise to reflect on the Hermetic axiom: “As above, so below, as within, so without,” and cultivate alignment within ourselves and what we perceive as divinity. This is also time to put the finishing touches on situations to embrace the new year that started on equinox clear and ready to go.


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