Happy Full Moon Aries!


Wow, what an intense time! Today we have the full moon on the Aries/Libra axis, and I don’t know about you, but things are buzzing with energy and potential. Eclipses occur in pairs, and this is the second in the set, the follow up to the eclipse on spring equinox. While the theme of that eclipse was tying up loose ends and bringing things to closure, the theme of this one is new beginnings and potential. What is very profound to me is that this is occurring the day before the Christian holy day of Easter. Coincidence? I think not. Well, actually, I know better, so let me clarify for those of you that might not be aware.

Most of the Christian holy days are astrologically timed, and thus the link between astrology and Christianity is exposed. Christianity uses astrology quite frequently, even though this point may not overtly be discussed and some even go so far as to live in denial about this fact. The best example of this is Easter. There is a formula for figuring out when Easter occurs, so for those of you that would like to know without waiting to find out; you can figure it out for yourself. Easter occurs on the first Sunday after the first full moon after spring equinox. Thus you have the full moon today and Easter tomorrow. While the theme of Easter is resurrection, this, too, is the theme of today’s full moon.

Aries is all about new beginnings, and Libra is about justice and right and proper relationships, so what you have when you think about it are new beginnings in a fair and just way. You could say a “karmic” way, but that would be a bit of a misnomer because karma isn’t a bank account to fill up, but rather it is fluid and much more complex than that.

This final point leads me to the big news of the moment. Monday, the day after Easter, my first full book “Vocal Magick” will officially be released, published by Immanion Press! Wow! What an accomplishment! Yes, I will be writing more, but this is so effin’ cool! Thus watch for promotions, book signings, etc. In there I discuss the power and use of the voice and language as a magical tool to create your reality. Usually this is only discussed in passing or only in very specialized ways (such as mantras, vibration of god names from the western esoteric tradition, etc), but in this book I take a more living, general approach to application of certain principles.

The other big news is that my first webinar was a wonderful success! We had an excellent time discussing psychic self-defense, and there are more on the horizon. Watch my website for more information.

During this auspicious time, it would be wise to look around at your life and see where it’s time for new beginnings, but also what it would be wise to resurrect back to life in the inner life. It’s also wise to watch for situations to unfold that are very just and fair. The trick to working with this concept, though, is to also see when this may be working against us due to our own actions. This takes a particular skill because it requires the setting aside of the ego.

So, what will you resurrect? How will you begin anew for this new year?



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Happy Full Moon Pisces


Today we have the full moon in Pisces, which is the last full moon of the current energetic year. While the Sun is moving through tropical Pisces, the moon is in Tropical Virgo, which makes this an excellent time to bring physical manifestation to ideas that you may have had swirling around in your head for awhile. This is an auspicious time to get to work, and to figure out how to produce your thoughts and visions. It can often times be a challenge to figure out how to do this, but with creative planning and thinking, this can be achieved. The physical plane can sometimes develop slowly, so patience and methodicalness, both associated with Virgo, are two techniques that can be used to accomplish this. While Pisces may be visionary and progressive, it can also sometimes be diffused and hard to understand. The energy of Pisces is that of the intuitive person: the dreamer, the visionary, and the psychic. This can be a cautionary tale to many, as sometimes it is easy to get lost in Piscean energy if one is not clear or practical with their ideas.

That’s the rub, isn’t it? All of us have many wonderful ideas swimming around in our heads, but to make them manifest is something else entirely. There are two big hurdles that should be overcome to make things happen, and those hurdles are hard work and adaptability. I believe it should be clear by now that to work with Piscean ideas, it would be wise to look to Virgo, the opposite sign of Pisces, for insight and clarity. This is true of all signs of the zodiac. Opposite signs can present tension, but they can also present insight to work with. Day to day activities should be considered as part of the whole and as part of the process of creation. No matter the sign and opposite sign axis, one can compliment the other, but it takes adaptability on our part to make this happen.

This is also an excellent time to bring resolution to projects that have been in the works for awhile to pave the way for new beginnings that are right around the corner on Spring Equinox, which is also known as International Astrology Day. The new moon coming up on Spring Equinox is a perfect time to start fresh, and the more things are wrapped up now, the more new beginnings can be had. The transformative vibe that is currently in the air can be tapped into to produce strong results, so it is wise to see how we should transform to accomplish our goals and bring closure to things that have been in process for awhile, if they are under our control.

So, what is it that you are finishing during this full moon? What projects do you have in the works that the energy of this full moon can help with? What is still undone, that can be of great use once it’s done?

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Happy Full Moon Aquarius!


Today we have two very auspicious occasions occurring, and this gives us insight into what we can do with the year. To begin with we have the full moon in Aquarius, which is a wonderful time to focus on planning what to do with the year. We are at the threshold of a new energetic year, and thus we have an opportunity to decide how we want to bring our light into the world for the upcoming year. What is our agenda, and how do we actualize it? These and many related questions can be used to spur us further in the upcoming year.

The second event that we have occurring is the ancient festival of Imbolc, also known as Imbolg, also known as Candlemas or Candlemass. However you look at it, this is a time to celebrate the return of the first light to the earth after a cold hard winter. While the name of the festival and the basic features are Celtic, other parallels are found throughout the ancient lands, particularly in Egypt. There are two ways of looking at this festival. The first one is that it occurs February 2nd of every year, like clockwork. The second way to look at it is to consider the astrological side. You see, every time we have a season change, the Sun is entering into a cardinal sign in the zodiac; half are equinoxes and half are solstices. While we really don’t have the space to get into the differences between those two, it is enough to see the correlation between the seasons and the cardinal sign ingresses. If that is true, then the other four festivals of the eight spoked year occur when the Sun is at fifteen degrees of a fixed sign because this creates harmony and rhythm. However, this also means that those dates will fluctuate throughout the year, but they will always be at fifteen degrees. Fifteen degrees is halfway between each cardinal sign, or season, as it were. Thus fifteen degrees Aquarius (Imbolc), fifteen degrees Taurus (Walpurgisnacht/Beltane), fifteen degrees Leo (Lughnasadh), and fifteen degrees Scorpio (Samhain) all constitute the standard four part year plus their balances.

Deciding what to do is a very wise move to make during this time. However, please keep in mind that we are on a Mercury retrograde, which tells us that it would be wise to work with tying things up from last year, rather than embarking on new, uncharted territory. This is a fire festival that is known for candles, and thus it would be wise to light one up while contemplating how to bring your light into the world.


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